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The US is starting raise the minimum wage to something more livable in some areas and I’m sitting here like wow, Alberta’s STILL under $10/hr, and things are more expensive in Canada wtf

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katzedecimal said: How is work going?

Work is awesome! Laid back, flexible hours, very casual with breaks and stuff, awesome people, another Meticulon friend in my department (he impressed the higher ups and got transferred within a week and a half), my desk is decked out in Marvel goodies including a stress ball I never need! Not once have I come home stressed (from work - personal issues, however, are stretching me past my limits, but the fact that work is actually an escape says wonders)

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for the first time in my life I really am thanking god it’s friday - and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with work!

holy crap i can’t wait to catch up on some sleep!